Happy Pancake Day – fail

Its pancake day here in the U?K and I must be one of the only mums who isn’t making them today! With good intentions I did buy pancake mix and golden syrup but by the time we had dinner did homework and faffed about it was too late to make them, so we may do it tomorrow…..


I went over to see mum today and we headed to B & M – seriously getting addicted to that shop! – and I was really good and I only got what I was looking for, We needed a new cooking spatula/utensil as outs had died a death last week, and some new dish towels.
Some Amaretto biscuits may or may not have found there way into my basket….

I tried find more the water bottles that I am using, but couldnt see them so will need to try another day. I am doing really well with the whole drinking water thing, I am past the headache stage and I am not craving sugary drinks at all! Need to break out my infuser bottle so I can have fruit water as plain water is getting a little boring I have to say, though I do still drink tea – without sugar!

The kids are all finally asleep so I am heading to bed myself!


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