Happy New Year…?


I hate new years eve.
When you have three kids it’s a pretty boring experience. No parties to go to, no copious amounts of alcohol can be consumed and usually end up missing the bells as in bed.

Last night was true to form.
We watched Captain America and the Winter Soldier and just as it was ending Max and Lucy decided to wake up! This was just after 11pm.
Finally got Lucy back down but Max eneded up in our bed, so we missed the New Year.

Mum had text me, and I realaied it was 00:15 so said happy new year to lee but he just rolled over and barely muttered it back – he was awake btw. So that pisses me off. Then I have been up all night with Lucy as about 00:30 she decided to wake up – she is loaded with the cold and got what looks like 3 teeth on top coming through. So I have had next to no sleep all night.

Great start to the new year, basically it the same shit just the year has a different number.


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