Happy 11th Birthday Jack

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Happy 11th Birthday Jack!

11 years old! How is my little first born 11 years old already? I take photo’s in front of that unit every year and its amazing to see how tall he has gotten! He is same height as the unit now and almost as tall as me and Lee.

He is just sprouting so fast and he has definitely taken another growth spurt over the last few months, also he is sporting a lovely mop of covid-19 hair!

I am not going to lie, Jack was a little disappointed that the lockdown restricitons wasn’t lifted for his birthday. It was eased ever so slightly in the way that we were able to go over to my mum’s for a wee while to celebrate with her.

I managed to pull off a lockdown birthday for him by getting most of it all from Amazon – I will have links to the items I purchased at the end of this post of this post if you wish to purchase similar.

With not being able to just go shopping like I would normally do, I was so glad to be able to get some lockdown items from Amazon and personalised as well! The delivery for all the items given the current situation was just amazing, I ordered them at the beginning of May to allow for personalise and delivery times and in fact the personalised cake topper was the first to arrive a few days after I ordered it!

The banners, card and cake topper were personalised and I manged to get some Halloween caution tape to put around the room, and of course yellow and black balloons to tie it all together. Clearly there is a demand for lockdown/quarantine birthday ware, and I really hope that I managed to give Jack the best day I could given the covid-19 restrictions in place. I think he was happy to get over to see Nana and poppy – all the kids were, as we haven’t seen her for about 10 weeks!

Our next birthday coming up is Max’s in November and hope we will be out of lockdown by then! Failing that I know what theme I will we doing for him *laugh*

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