#GuestReview The Other Shore by Madhu Bazaz Wangu

The Other Shore: Ordinary People Grappling with Extraordinary Challenges. A collection of twenty stories where we meet people struggling with inevitability of death, unavoidable circumstances, relationships gone sour, and our connection with nature. Some tales hover between reality and fantasy, while others reflect on outdated customs and tradition, prejudice and bigotry, altruism and kindness. The stories come alive with characters living in India, or Indians living in America, their American friends and people from around the globe. The stories are about human heart, hurt and search for life’s meaning and purpose.


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“The Other Shore showers you with aesthetic pleasures by allowing you to examine the cross-cultural experience. Madhu Bazaz Wangu’s tales are filled with physically vigorous and mentally vital moments that exist in the now. Her narration has strong leanings in establishing identity, and her conversational style makes you feel relaxed as if you are getting acquainted with the characters face to face. I cannot help but feel moved by the story of Unrequited Love, as the theme profoundly illustrates one typical problem that arises among close-knit Asian families. There is always a striking point in all of these twenty stories where Wangu seems adept at scrutinizing the role of women in contemporary society. In the end, it is difficult not to feel moved or affected after reading these stories.” – Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

GUEST REVIEW by Carly Wilson

The Other Shore: Ordinary People Grappling With Extraordinary Challenges is the stunning collection of short stories written by Mahdu Bazaz Wangu, and it is a collection which encapsulates something for everyone. The stories contain; morals, the embracing of cultures, life lessons and so much more, so if you are a reader who enjoys reading a story per evening, or like to be selective this is the perfect collection to get stuck into.

Each story has something special about it, and some are poetry in story form. I loved the variation, the different characters and themes, and the writing style of Wangu.

I have not read anything by this author before, but I will definitely be exploring more of their work, for they have a very compelling writing style and I loved feeling like each story had a carefully concocted purpose and meaning.

You can read these stories at your own pace, be selective or binge read, and is a perfect book to read on the go or around a busy lifestyle. I’d recommended to those who prefer shorter stories, and those looking for something different and escapism.


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About the author

Madhu B. Wangu is an award-winning author and the founder of Mindful Writers Groups and Retreats. She has a doctorate in the phenomenology of Religion from the University of Pittsburgh (1988) and a post-doctoral Fellowship from Harvard University (1989-1991). For fifteen years she taught Hindu and Buddhist art history at the University of Pittsburgh, Rhode Island College and Wheaton College. She joined Pennwriters Organization in 2005 and served as a Board member from 2007-10012. In 2020 she won Pennwriters Meritorious Award for being “a valuable asset to the writing and publishing world.” Dr. Wangu also serves as a board member for Books Bridge Hope, the non-profit organization with a mission to promote reading, writing and literacy to community members residing in shelters and on the streets of Pittsburgh.

More than three decades of meditating and journaling led Dr. Wangu to teach meditation and to write. The work resulted in a practice she calls Writing Meditation Method. You are welcome to join her every morning at Online Mindful Writers Group.

Madhu Wangu’s CDs, Meditations for Mindful Writers I, II & III, inspire professional as well as novice writers to improve focus, remove blocks, and increase writing flow and productivity. Her CDs include: Meditations for Mindful Writers: Body, Heart, Mind (2011), Meditations for Mindful Writers II: Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts (2017), and Meditations for Mindful Writers III: Generosity, Gratitude, Self-Compassion and Trust (2019)

Dr. Wangu has written books about Hindu and Buddhist goddesses: Images of Indian Goddesses: Myths, Meanings and Models, (Abhinav Publications, New Delhi, 2003) and A Goddess Is Born, (Spark Publishers, 2002). Her illustrated books for young adults are, Hinduism (Facts on File, Inc., New York, 1991) and Buddhism (Facts on File, Inc., New York, 1993). Madhu has also held five one-person shows of oil paintings and prints and has exhibited with art groups in India as well as USA.

Dr. Madhu Bazaz Wangu also writes fiction including Chance Meetings: Stories About Cross-Cultural Karmic Collisions and Compassion (2015), and two novels The Immigrant Wife: Her Spiritual Journey (2016) and The Last Suttee (2017).

Currently, she is writing her second collection of short stories, Little Journeys (forthcoming in 2021). The manuscripts of her third novel, Meaning of My Life (2023) and a guidebook, Unclog Your Creative Flow, Enrich Your Daily Life (2025) are currently being written.

Read her daily posts that she writes for Online Mindful Writers Group on Facebook.

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