Goals for March 2020

Blink and you miss it – February came and went in a blink of an eye and now we are entering March!
How is it that time seems to be dragging one min and flying the next?!

We are going to be pretty busy this month as I hope we will be moving but nothing set in stone until it is all signed sealed and delivered, which means I have to gut the flat, empty the loft and do a ton of tip runs to get rid of 90% of everything we own lol

I have a list a long as my arm of things we need to do to the flat after move out and what need to do and buy for the new place.

It is only 10min away from where we currently live but it puts the kids in a different school catchment mainly for high school as primary the smalls could still stay there until p7, so we have a lot to think about regarding moving them all to new schools or doing extra driving every day to get to the high school for J.

I am going to kon-marie and ‘Swedish death cleanse’ the hell out of this place before we move I can tell you that! I am looking forward to the kids having their own rooms and a garden!


–> Do all the things!


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