Goals for August 2020

Welcome to August a new month and hopefully a month that will see us getting back to some sort of normailty.

The schools are going back either soft start from 12th Aug for the first two weeks then full time, or full time – so far Scotland has been doing great with flattening the curve and we have been able to bring covid related deaths down to single digits (at time of typing this post up)

Am I scared about the kids going back to school? No. Mainly because the Scottish government made the decision for our kids not to go back in June, increasing the chances of them being able to return full time for the new school year. I have heard of reported cases increasing again in England since they put the kids back in June, there is a lot I can say on that but one thing I am sure of no matter what you think of the SNP or Nicola Sturgeon you can not deny that she has done a good job compared to Boris…………..

Anyway I went of on a tangent there, for August my goals will be mainly getting the kids back into an early bed routine (covid has meant they are able to stay up a little later though they still don’t know how to sleep in!) and get them organised and prepared to starting school again.

Also I was thinking once the kids do go back to school I really, really want to start clearing out the house of all out junk, clutter and crap. I know I say this all the time but the kids are getting older and bigger and we are bursting at the seams with things that we no longer need, use or have even touching a looooong time. Also the loft if packed full again – and I honestly have no idea with what! Realistically all I want up there is the holiday decorations but I know that is not possible, but if I could get it cleared out of old toys and empty boxes then we would be halfway there!

What are your plans for August?


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