Goals For April 2020

Well March was a strange month, I didn’t bother making goals as I was too busy panicking inwardly about the Coronoavirus.

As we enter April we are on semi-lockdown (at time of scheduling this post – we may and should be on full lockdown by today) so I wasn’t sure what on earth I go try and focus on this month.

Mental health

—> Mindfulness
I am not going to lie this whole situation unprecedented as it is, has really got my anxiety going sky high when I have just managed to get it down and on track, I am going to try and get the mindfulness and grounding back on track


—> Team TOMM
Since the kids have been unexpectedly off school I have let it all slip, so once again I need to get this back on track.

—> Decorate hallway
I am hoping with this lockdown I might be able to get the hallway done!

What is your aims or goals for the month?


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