Friday 13th and all that jazz

I am just getting this in before today ends! So how was everyone’s unlucky-for-some Friday? I am not in the least bit superstitious about Friday 13th, so today is just another date in the calendar.

Lucy had her 1 year assessment to day and they are happy with her progress, she is hitting all the milestone and she is weighing in at 19lbs. She should be a little heavier – around 24lbs mark, but since I said she wasn’t much of an eater from 6 months until just recently they are accounting that for little weight gain. She is going to be dainty so they aren’t worried about it and she is wolfing down three meals a day now so cant see her gaining weight as being too much of a problem.

Lee is away with the boys to his mums for the long holiday weekend leaving me at home with Lucy, they left yesterday afternoon and I am missing them like crazy! It is so quiet in the house without the boys running about like mad things and me not shouting at them. It’s nice to get some one-to-one with Lucy though. This is the first time that Max has been away for any length of time without me and I was speaking to him to earlier on tonight and he was saying “I miss you mommy” and “miss you to moon and back”.  Brought a tear to my eye so it did!

So anyway, the boys are away and I am gutting their bedroom. My mum came over to look after miss L whilst I dealt with all the toys. I have managed to organise the wardrobes a bit better and for all I wanted to get rid of some things, I haven’t managed to do that, but I have found a place for them so I guess that counts right?

She treated to me to a Chinese takeaway which was yummy! Now it is 2 min to midnight and I am watching Pretty Little Liars in peace and quiet. Bliss

How was your day?




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