Four Ways To Give Your Home An Individual Touch


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Your home is your castle, or so the old saying goes. The decor that you choose reflects the kind of person you are, the kind of family that you want to be in. This is your little fortress and should be treated as such.

When trying to choose home decor, you’ll probably leaf through a magazine or six. Perhaps you’ll look on Pinterest for crafty ideas you’ll never actually do, but it’s nice to pretend for awhile you might. All of these are good ideas for inspiration, but they’re all missing something: the personal touch.

If your home is your castle, then you want it be bursting at the seams with items related to who you are. If your interior is currently looking a little bland, here’s a few options to bring a unique twist of style to your home.


  1. Put Your Interests On Show

The things you love don’t have to remain random facts about you on your Facebook profile- they can shape your home as well. Favourite sports, movies, TV shows, novels- anything that you have loved can be incorporated into your decor.

Maybe it’s a mug of Breaking Bad’s Walter White and his most infamous quote; or a fridge magnet of your team clutching their latest silverware. All of these little touches and the combination of different loves make for a unique blend.


  1. Wall Stickers


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Wall stickers can brighten up any home with very little effort, but you are limited to the choices of manufacturers. This tends to mean that you’re stuck with a choice between flowers, different flowers, and flowers in silhouette. That’s an exaggeration- but not much of one.

Thankfully, Custom Wall Stickers exist. You can now choose stickers to change a space, with whatever images you want to portray. If you love the Art Deco movement, neat, clean lines, and geometric shapes are your friend. If you want to push the boat out, you can even use family photos. It’s quicker and easier than printing them out and inserting into frames, after all.


  1. Initials Everywhere


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A combination of initials for a family is a nice way to add some personal touches. You can buy initial cushions to dot over sofas- make sure everyone in the family gets a set, to avoid arguments. You can do the same with fridge magnets, clothes hooks and a variety of other items. You can choose premade styles or paint your own. While the items themselves may not be unique, the different letters you choose to monogram with will be.


  1. Unleash Your Creative Side

Fed up of having the same cabinet as everyone else who grabbed the sale at IKEA? Time to get crafty. There’s no other way around it, so set aside an afternoon and try something new. There are a variety of ways you can make even the most factory-processed furniture seem individual. You’ll need to break out the paint, the stencils and anything else you can lay your hands on. It might be messy and take awhile, but you’ll end up with something that only exists in one place in the world. That’s the entire point, of course.



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