February 2020 Goals

Not a huge amount that I want to get done this month, other than clear the loft and stick to my plant based diet.

Home Goals

—> Team TOMM
I kinda slacked on this for January and just did the bare minimum of housework, but there is so much I want to do in the house year – decorating being the number one goal, but I need to get on top of the cleaning schedule first and clear and declutter all the crap before I can even begin to entertain painting!

—> Start to clear the loft
We made a teeny tiny dent in the loft last month, so I want t do another little section this month and hopefully by the end of the year it will be emptier than it is right now! I was supposed to go through all the xmas decs but never got round to it so I may make that my focus this month along with the Halloween decorations.

Health & Well-being

—> Vegan or plant based diet
I did really well doing veganuary last month, that I don’t see myself going back I think it will be a permanent thing for me. I won’t class myself as vegan so will go as being on a plant based diet.

—> Daily journaling
I started off well in January doing my one line a day 5 year dairy so aim to keep that up and also to longer journal entries in my 2020 diary as well. Its good to write and remember.

What is your aims or goals for the month?


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