Scotland has voted NO to independence.

All through the night I have been watching the results come in, I have never been so excited and involved in a election in my life, and the people of Scotland had a record turnout to vote for this referendum – close to 90%.

It’s a NO

To say I am disappointed is a bit of an understatement, I had hoped that people would vote to make a change, to make our country better, but they have allowed Project Fear aka Better Together and the scaremongering to take over.

Lee seems to think that I have no idea what the implications independence would have had on us a family – the financial impact it would have. But actually I do and I still chose to vote yes.

I chose to vote yes as I wanted my vote to count in future elections and not be forgotten when the fat cats in Westminster get voted in due to our current voting system, I wanted my vote to to better my childrens future.

There is no way I believe that it would have been a bed of roses for us to start with but I fully believed that it would have been once everything settled down, in fact I think we would be hard hit with interest rate hikes etc, but I still voted yes.

I agreed with both sides of the coin but at the end of that day my country has spoken and we are sticking with the UK.
Now all that is left for us, is to see if Westminster hold up their end of the bargain with Devo-Max that they offered as a game changer less than a week to the election.

Scotland will never be the same and I think we are now going to be shat on from a great height…..

But we have brought it on ourselves…


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  • September 19, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    I find this fascinating. I am so excited to listen to someone who is actually THERE and has insight into what is going on. We take our liberty (and indeed our separation from Great Britain) for granted…imagine if the United States of America had been defeated during our Revolutionary War!! I hope and pray you the terms of your continued existence under the British flag will be a good one.

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