Death of a true funny man

I thought I was dreaming when I saw the news. In my sleepy state I thought no it must be one of those Facebook hoaxes.

Sadly turns out this one wasn’t.

I woke up during the the night to Lucy stiring and once I made sure she was settled, I checked my phone for the time and saw I had a whatsapp from my mum saying that Robin Williams is dead. I heading traight to the BBC news site to find out it is in fact true. 🙁

He apparently took his own life, or at the very least, it is being ruled a suicide at this moment and time. According to his publicist he had been battling severe depression.

Now I am not normally one to blog about a celebritys death, and in fact I don’t believe I have ever pdone so before, but reading that the greatest comedian of movies like Mrs Doubtfire and Good Morning Vietnam has died at the hands of mental illness, I felt I had to.

It’s all to easy for people to say “snap out of it” or “it will get better soon” when someone says they are depressed. Clearly they don’t know that it isn’t quite that simple. My own experience of mental health issues may be slim compared to most people, but I still suffered (or should that be suffer?) from Post Natal Depression.

When I was pregnant with Lucy, I was feeling quite low and recognized some signs and symptoms from when I was depressed after having Jack, so I went to the Dr. He wasn’t concerned in the slightest and said that because I didnt have any urge to commit suicide or harm myself and the baby in any way that he thought I wasn’t depressed.

I am glad that it was just the stress of an impending third child and various other factors that was making me feel so low, and not prenatal depression rearing it ugly head but I have no faith in that Dr anymore. How can I feel like I could go to him and say I that feel depressed but know that just because I dont want to kill myself he would do nothing about it? I didn’t realise that that had to be a major before depression would be diagnosed.

Anyway, it must have been so bad for him to feel that the only way to be free was to take his own life, I have seen many people say he is selfish by doing so etc. I can’t say he was selfish, I see it as being a desperate solution, and one he felt was the only way out. It is so sad that he had to see it that way and I feel so sorry for his family at this time.

(I do apologize if there are any spelling or grammar errors I did write this at 2am whwn still half asleep 🙂 )


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