[Book Review] The Strange Ways of Providence In My Life: A Holocaust Survivor Story by Krystyna Carmi

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I am going to be honest and say that I dont’ normally read non fiction, memoir type books – they are just not really my thing. However, this is one of those book that piqued my curiosity as it deals with something that happened that I can not begin to fathom what it would have been like to be around at that time.

Krystyna’s account is vivid for all it happened so long ago, but every minute detail has been permanently implanted in her brain. We start off the book with lots of pictures of her and her family and then she starts her story. She takes you on a vivid journey through her life growing up in the Jewish community in Obertyn with her family, to her harrowing escape from the Nazi regime.

I loved how she brings her story to live so vividly and the pictures at the start of the book were fantastic to have survived so long and it gave you more of an insight to her family and life back then.

If you love biographies then is definitely one that I would recommend you read. 


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