[Book Review] THE CHOSEN Book I: THE YOUTH (Volume 1) by Shlomo Kalo #promotion

THE CHOSEN Book I: THE YOUTH (Volume 1) Book Cover THE CHOSEN Book I: THE YOUTH (Volume 1)
Shlomo Kalo

The best selling title by Shlomo Kalo, one of the most prolific and outstanding writers in Israel.
An extraordinary novel with its vivid descriptions, unique linguistic style and unconventional approach to its theme - the theme of love. Based on the Biblical story of Daniel, it is a living epic, full of drama and fascination, with characters, relationships, places and events - transcending definition and transcending time.
"A very impressive novel, both in terms of the writing and the subject-matter." "Juliette Mitchell, Penguin UK."
..".I received a book as a present. It was Shlomo Kalo's 'The Chosen'. I read this master-piece just as slowly as I could, hoping I would never finish it. The book which is based on the Biblical book of Daniel deals with love: A love of a human being to another human being, of a man to a woman and mainly, with the love of God who is Love." "Yimna Galore, Maariv, Israel."
"It is indeed an epic-like novel filled with drama and passion. Mr. Kalo weaves together the political, personal and spiritual with great skill." "G. Glijansky, HarperCollins, US."
..".well written and extremely engaging." "K. Shumate, Harvest House, US."
Shlomo Kalo is a unique thinker and a very well known Israeli writer. Some of his 80 published fiction and nonfiction titles, written in a variety of genres and themes, have appeared in 16 countries. "The Chosen" is considered the peak of his literary creation.

** I received a copy of this eBook in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. This post may contain affiliate links that I may make a small amount from if you were to make a purchase.**

Book 1 The Youth follows the life of the prophet Daniel from a young boy to when he becomes a young man in the royal court of Babylon. I don’t normally read biblical stories, in fact I don’t follow any religion or believe for that matter. That aside this was truly and exceptional book.  It is very well written and the descriptions transport you vividly in you mind.

Whilst it is not my cup of tea being a biblical book, I wanted to read this to be more open minded toward biblical stories, and I am glad I was given an opportunity to read and review it, I can not find fault in the book at all and Mr Kalo is an exceptional author, I am actually looking forward to continuing reading Daniels journey.


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