#BlogTober20 Hello October!

October has finally come around and as you all know this is my favourite month of the year (followed by December)

So here is what I want to achieved for this month:

Home Goals:

—> Decorate for Halloween!
I have been picking up some new bits and pieces to decoreate for this years Halloween, but with lockdown and Covid19 I don’t think we will be able to go out trick or treating, so planning a little party got us for in the house

—> Dig out the slowcooker
Autumn brings the nights drawing in and the time for comfort food. Time to make some stews for the family and see what vegan things I can drum up for myself as well as some hearty winter soups

—> Declutter
We have decided to put the feelers out about moving with out local council which means we have a ton of stuff to get rid off as if we move I do not want to take all this crap we have with us. The local landfill is back up and running again and I have already taken a boot full of stuff to get rid off, so I just need to keep momentum up!

Health & Well-being

—> Yoga
I have yet to start this but I think I need to get off my butt and really take the time to do it as I have been having problems with a sore hip that I think that streching out will ease it and make it better.

—> Go to bed earlier
At the moment I am awake on my phone until at least midnight (sometimes later) but with the darker evenings my hope is to get the kids to bed early and follow not long after them. Hopefully will be in a better mood in the morning if I get more sleep… that’s the theory right??

What is something you want to achieve this month?
This has been my first post for this #blogtober20 series be sure to check back tomorrow for the next instalment.


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