BlogTober day 13 – injury


13 – We’ve all managed to injure ourselves. What was your worst injury?

Well I have had a hairline fracture on:
My left wrist
My right elbow
And both ankles

All done at different times I might add, and funny enough they were all about a year apart….. Hmm

My worst would have to be my ankles – especially my left one as I missed the last two steps on our stairs and fell when I was 19 weeks pregnant with Jack.

It was a bad one and I thought I had broke it for sure as my ankle bone popped out – out actually heard it!  It looked like a golf ball in my sock. But one x-ray later and they said it was just hairline, and they were surprised as an audible pop usually means a clean break.

I must have strong bones as yet to have a clean break lol


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