#BEsociety July writing challenge

I am taking part in the the writing challenge over at BE Society,  I was going to do it on K-C but think will do it here to build up my posts etc.


Daily Prompts

1. Goals for this month
2. 3 personality traits you are proud of
3. Piercings and tattoos? If none thoughts on them…
4. Most proud moment
5. Your worst habits.
6. Something or someone you miss
7. A difficult time in your life
8. 5 favourite blogs
9. Last time you cried
10. Favourite comfort food
11. Weird quirk(s) you have
12. 5 things you lust after
13. Something you always think “what if…” about.
14. Your zodiac and if you think it fits your personality
15. What you wore today
16. Views on religion
17. Currently reading
18. Take a selfie today and post the pic!
19. One place in the world you want to visit
20. One thing you achieved today.
21. Why do you blog?
22. Tell us a bit about where you live.
23. What is your favorite fashion accessory right now?
24. Tell us about your favorite organization and why it is important to you.
25. What motivates you?
26. If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?
27. What is your favorite writing tool? Do you only use the computer, or do you still love pen and paper?
28. List five things you can do to brighten up someone’s day
29. How do you balance life, work, family, and fun?
30. What is the best book you read this month?
31. Highs and lows of this month

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Fee is a 35 year old mother of three, who has been on the blogging scene since 1996. Over the years she has tried to change her style but finds the personal diary effect to be her niche - there are not many of those around in the blogging world nowadays.

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