#BEsociety August challenge – day 25

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25. If you had a choice to either review your past or forsee your future, which would you chose and why?

Whilst I wish I could do both I think I would prefer to see my future. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so there is really no need to review my past, as I guess deep down, I don’t think I would change anything as they way I see it I wouldn’t be where or who I am today without my past happening.

However, to see even a little glimpse into my future I would be happy with. Perhaps if I saw something that I wasnt expecting I would maybe have time to try and change that course my path is going to take me or it could be no matter what that course is already set out and it would happen regardless of what I do in the lead up to it.
I would like to see, depending how far into the future it would take me, how my children have grown, and how long I would live for.


Fee is a 35 year old mother of three, who has been on the blogging scene since 1996. Over the years she has tried to change her style but finds the personal diary effect to be her niche - there are not many of those around in the blogging world nowadays.

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