A wee girls day out

So it is the May Bank Holiday weekend and the boys are away this weekend with hubby to see nana Kate, so it is just me and the little miss this weekend. The left yesterday morning just after me as I was having to take mum to a hospital appointment in Stirling. So we decided to have a wee girls day out and have lunch and do a wee bit of shopping.

We has lunch this little coffee shop/cafe called The Ground House and they had this great deal on. You could get a bowl of soup, a hot drink or juice and a cake or packet of crisps all for £5.00! That is a fantastic price as most places you could be up to £5 just for the soup!!

Anyway we went for that and the soup was AMAZING!!! It was Thai Curry and it was just so delicious, so much so I am trying to find a recipe for it so I can make it.



After lunch we hit the shops! It was soo good to get around the shops without the boys being there, as they would have just gotten bored really quick and Jack would just be asking to go home like every 5 mins. So to actually have time to look and try stuff on was bliss for me. I cant honeslty remember the last time I have a day shopping like that. 

Mum gave me some money to get some stuff so I got a ton of tops for £20 in Primark then went on the hunt for a pair of jeans.

I am shocked at how hard it is to find a pair to jeans these days that aren’t skinny or super skinny! I was just looking for a pair of straight or regular but no where had any – New Look was filled with skinny, high wait skinny, low waist skinny, and one bootcut. Out of the whole shop!!! I then thought I would try H&M as they have £7.99 jeans – again all skinny. I did try on a pair and the sizes are so whacked in there that I gave up.

Mum suggested I try in M&S (Marks & Spencers) – I was like eh its an old folk shop… but low and behold they had jeans! Hallelujah! They fit perfectly and I am just happy to finally have a pair other than skinny(!) that I can wear and be comfy.

We had a look round some more shops then started to head home about 4pm. Mum was going to treat me to an takeaway for dinner but we were still pretty full up from lunch that we just decied to get a wee salad bowl from Asda and head to mums to eat it,

I didnt get home until about 7pm and little miss decided to keep awake until about 1opm so I just got my penpal letters done and watch some more Once upon a time.

It was a great day, I miss my boys but loved the chance to shop in peace 🙂




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  • May 3, 2015 at 4:43 am

    Sounds like you had a good day out! Ever since having my son, I have a hard time finding jeans too. Though, I had kept all my old jeans so as I’m losing weight, I do have jeans to fit into, lol. But I do wish it was easier to find jeans that just fit without having to try them all on!

    I work for UK E-Commerce for Costco and thought it was cool you have the bank holiday! We usually get them off (though unpaid since we are in the US) but this one we sadly do not have off! I’m hoping we get your next bank holiday off since it’s Memorial day for us and we would be paid for it anyways. Or double pay if we are working :p

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