3 Mistakes Brides Make When Planning A Vintage-Themed Wedding

Vintage themed wedding still continue to be as popular as ever, and it’s not hard to see why. Their nostalgic and romantic vibes sets a beautiful tone for a wedding day. But this rise in popularity has also seen a boom in suppliers offering more vintage inspired items than ever before. You can find place cards, cakes and even veils that are designed to bring this theme to life. As with any wedding day theme, it’s easy to make mistakes which can ruin the look you’re trying to create. To avoid this from happening, here are some common mistakes brides make that you should avoid.





Overdressing the venue

It’s incredibly easy when creating a vintage wedding to overdo it with the decorations. Too much decor can make your venue feel smaller and make your guests feel confused and claustrophobic. It could also take up valuable space that could be put to far better use. While you will love shopping in vintage shops and at antique fairs in the upcoming months, question every purchase you make. Each item you buy needs to have a purpose within your wedding vision and not be used to purely fill up space. This will ensure you don’t overspend or end up with too many decorative items. The best vintage wedding decorations are often the simplest so always think quality over quantity.


Forgetting the smaller details

While it’s important to think of the big picture, it’s the smaller details that will tie your vintage wedding together. Overlooking or forgetting about these wedding details can make your theme look messy and shows a lack of thought. Plus it often reduces the practicality and beauty of a venue. So make sure you consider how these details will work together. You might try Paper Themes vintage wedding invites and use the same design on your place cards. Or you could use hessian or lace to cover your chairs and tables. While also using these materials to decorate your cake and favors. These minor details require plenty of thought to ensure they work efficiently together as well as independently.




Not being realistic with the dress

To enhance their theme even further, many brides want to wear an authentic vintage wedding dress for their big day. But it can be difficult to find good condition wedding dresses, and the sizes vary drastically. The size of clothing was different back then to what it is today as people were a lot smaller in both height and weight. The styles will also vary depending on which era you choose. While it is possible to alter some vintage designs, your options may be limited. However, there are some fantastic vintage reproduction brands such as ModCloth and Heavenly Vintage. These brands offer more sizes and styles while still keeping your vintage theme intact.


Now you know what mistakes you need to avoid, it will increase your chances of executing this theme successfully. So create the vintage themed wedding you’ve always wanted and make it a day to remember for all the right reasons.



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