The Tuesday 10



What is The Tuesday 10?

It is an idea I came up with for my blog that I had also incorporated into a blogging group that I belonged  to but I have since moved it here instead.

Each week there is a different theme, where you list (up to) 10 things relating to that theme.

This weeks theme:

9th February

#92 – Goals for April


The link up goes live at 11pm on the Monday UK time (so around 6pm EST) and is open until 11pm on the Wednesday night.

I hope to see you there 🙂 

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I am always looking for suggestions for themes so please feel free to leave any in the comments and don’t forget to join in and link up 🙂

2016 prompts

Jan 5th   – #80 – Goals for January
Jan 12th – #81 – Things I am looking forward to
Jan 19th – #82 – 10 Outdoor adventures
Jan 26th – #83 –10 things you I need to do today/this week

Feb 2nd  – #84 – Goals for Feb
Feb 9th   – #85 – Valentines Playlist
Feb 16th – #86 – Romantic Films
Feb 23rd – #87 –  Goals for March

Mar 1st – #88 – Things you fear
Mar 8th – #89 – Things I Loved About Childhood
Mar 15th – #90 – Things you’d love to be knowledgeable about
Mar 22th – #91 – Things to do this Spring
Mar 29th – #92 – Goals for April

Arp 5th – #93 – Classes you’d love to take
Apr 12th – #94 – Cities you plan to visit
Apr 19th – #95 – Play or Shows you would love to see
Apr 26th – #96 – Goals for May

May 3rd – #97 – Songs That Put Me In A Good Mood
May 10th – #98 – Great songs to work out too
May 17th – #99 – Movie Soundtracks
May 24th – #100 – 10 (more) things about you
May 31st – #101 – Goals for June

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