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#BEsociety August Challenge – day 2

2. What was your first website (what was it about, etc)? Oh god I wish I could show you my very first website! It was hosted on Geocities way back when blogging was just starting out back in 1996/97. It was called Fee Fee Trixybell’s Website *cringe* It was the start of my online diary […]

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#BEsociety July Challenge – Day 31

31. Highs and lows of this month. H – our wee holiday at the beginning of the month. H – seeing Lucy progress with the rolling. H – getting to spend time with old friend L – arguing with Lee about stupid stuff Not much really but it’s enough 🙂

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Meal Planning Monday #2 w/c 7/7/14

This week is not going to be my usual meal plan, this week I am actually going to see through my goal of eating no meat for a week. I will still prepare the meals for the rest of the family, I just wont be having any. Its going to be tough, but I want […]

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