Archive | September, 2016

Another year older..

Today I am 35 years old. Today I really feel like I am getting older! I mean in my head I am still young and only in my twenties, but reality is creeping in and I am getting scared for the next big birthday being my 40th! Anyhow a birthday for me is a non event, […]

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Goals for September

Goals for September A new month means a whole new list of things I want to do over the course of the month. I used to tie this into my Tuesday 10 linky, but I have kinda given that up as no was really taking part and I got downhearted just doing it for myself.  […]

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Hello September

  Wow I can’t believe it is September already, I haven’t been blogging all summer which is really a bad thing as we did so much. I am definitely a Autumn/Winter blogger for sure. I really lose my mojo in the summer months, I am actually forcing myself to even post this today as I […]

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